AuthorEvan Lemoine

Evan Lemoine, PRP is co-founder and president of YP3.

New Meeting Schedule


At the last annual membership meeting, the board of directors presented a new vision for YP3 to become more member-friendly and to enhance our educational offerings. The membership is invited to bimonthly (every other) educational workshops which will now include a research or trivia time, followed by parliamentary Q&A to address situations happening with others in their organization. An...

2019-20 Officers Elected


At the annual membership meeting held in Las Vegas, Nevada as part of the NAP Biennial Convention, the following officers were elected: President – Evan Lemoine, PRP Vice President – Kendra O’Toole, RP Secretary – Brandon Walters, PRP Treasurer – Kendra O’Toole, RP There are additional seats on the board of directors for committee chairmen. Those interested in...

Relaunch of Website


We are attempting to simplify and embrace minimalism with our website as part of our 2019 redesign. If you have any suggestions for additional items you’d like to see, please let us know!