What We Do


Our Programs – “Create. Future. Meetings.”

Create: Young Professional Leadership & Networking

Young professionals are actively seeking ways to collaborate and exchange information to help support the missions of organizations important to them. Our young professional members are involved in countless organizations including civic and social clubs, professional associations, political parties, religious organizations, parent-teacher organizations, homeowner associations, and so many more. Our workshops create a connection between our young professionals to learn best-practices in leadership, parliamentary procedure, and member-based governance. We also have an affinity unit of the National Association of Parliamentarians which has allowed us to create partnership opportunities, seek grants, and offer networking events for young professionals at NAP conferences and events. Many members are also affiliated with the American Institute of Parliamentarians.

Future: Youth Leadership Training

We educate youth to be future leaders through the use of parliamentary procedure and meeting management. Our youth members are primarily involved in numerous career and technical student organizations (CTSO’s) who compete in parliamentary procedure, student governments, fraternities/sororities, and civic and social clubs. Our educational program focuses on understanding the philosophy and principles of democratic decision making, deliberative assemblies, meeting procedure and member-based governance. By actively educating and training members in parliamentary procedure, we’re helping to educate future generations be active members of countless non-profit organizations that help shape the world. We further support parliamentary procedure among youth by having our members serve as judges in national, state, or local competitive events when feasible.

Meetings: Resources & Communications

An organization is only as strong as the members who support it and no two organizations are the same. Through our educational workshops, we offer members the ability to voice questions related to specific organization they’re working with to provide assistance in areas such as suggested governing documents, suggested meeting minute templates, suggested agendas or reports, etc. We also make our association documents available to serve as a guide for those needing examples of documents in conformity with sound parliamentary principles. In between meetings, members have can network in our Slack group to collaborate when their questions need a response sooner.